At Touch we recognize that IFEC Content Services go well beyond just the content itself.
To get to the right content mix for you we consider the different forces that shape it:

  • Your Passengers’ mix and preferences
  • Your Airline’s marketing, service and commercial strategies
  • The opportunities (and limitations) inherent to the IFEC Systems you currently fly with
  • Your Budget
  • Your Usage data
  • Your Competition
  • The Future

CONTACT US to see how we interweave these elements and what we can specifically do it for your airline.
Or just ASK US what we can deliver for the budget you currently have.



It does not matter how great a job we do in content selection and negotiation; if it does not get delivered on time and correctly formatted to your specific requirements it will just mean wasted money and time. And wasted money and wasted time do not go well with successful business enterprises.

Thus we service all current IFE systems firmly supported by our TOUCH LABS division from a technical as well as a logistics perspective.

You can count on us to be ready to support you with our CONSULTING services when it comes time for you to consider new investments in technology: We actively participate in the APEX events and committees, and consistently cultivate positive relationships with the leading hardware and connectivity suppliers.



Media sales in IFEC have mostly been a world of unfulfilled promises. Business plans based on flawed data,
fueled by hope more than by disciplined planning and commercial activity.
It has consistently failed to deliver the revenues often used to justify investment in new IFEC solutions.

For media sales to succeed we firmly believe that it needs to consider:

  • That in this case the client is the advertiser
  • That the advertisers’ marketing campaigns have their own cycles, not ours
  • That we compete with platforms that often deliver real time data on clicks and views and real time proof of performance.
  • That on the average more than 80% of the sales come from the airline’s home base
  • That operational integrity and commitment to media sales is key to ensure that what is promised to the advertisers is delivered

Draw from our successful track record in this area through our CONSULTING services. Media Sales to succeed needs to be a partnership between the airline and the agent.



We are always ready and pleased to help, to participate, to share what we know
whenever you look to introduce new IFEC solutions, understand trends or enhance
current solutions and processes.

Through our Content, Technical and Media sales services, our APEX participation
and the variety of systems and markets operated by our airline clients:

  • We live the realities of current IFEC solutions,
  • We are exposed and question the new and future solutions being tabled throughout the industry
  • And we help lead change in our world of entertainment and communications.

We share our knowledge day in and day out with customers, more often than not without additional costs, be it because it is on the contract or simply because we care. We care. Contact us and find out first hand.