Touch Care Foundation is an old dream. It is a way to share our Touch Inflight Solutions profits with those with very basic needs. A roof, food, education.

Differently from the typical charity organization our structure is kept simple.
All of us that participate in it receive no remuneration for the work we do.
This significantly reduces our administration and operational costs so that
the resources available to our Foundation are effectively used for what they are meant
to be: resolve the current needs of small communities historically living below the poverty line and focus in helping them develop the power of self reliance and continuous growth.

Our trustees include a local representative from the community we are focusing in. This ensures that the people that will benefit from the resources directly participate in the decisions on how to spend the resources we have. Just as important they become our on-site support to ensure that the plans agreed to are carried out cleanly and with transparency.

Touch Care Foundation’s first project started two years ago in Quipeio a small town located in the Angolan Central plateau, in the Huambo province, an area that is still recovering from the decades of war the region faced during the independence and civil wars. Our first steps have focused in rebuilding the local school structure and provide basic beds for the 270 children that come from surrounding villages and that, because of the long distances, must sleep in the school.