Touch Labs birth came out of our commitment to ensure that what gets
ordered, gets delivered: accurately, on time and affordably.

In the process Touch Labs portfolio of services grew to include a variety of
the core technical requirements demanded by the IFE business such as:


  • Video Editing and Masterization

    Supported by our own editing staff and facilities.

  • Encoding, Digital Media Management and Metadata

    Supported by our own editing staff and facilities we
    encode to all major formats used in the IFEC industry
    including those used by Panasonic, Thales and Rockwell
    Collins systems as well as iPads and other PEDs.

  • GUI and Flight Script Development

    We actively participate in the development and implementation of new GUIs. We contribute to it creatively and we help ensure that solutions that reduce workloads during the integration process (and thus long term costs) are duly considered.

  • Integration

    With our own facilities to handle integration for such systems as TEAC’s digital server and Panasonic eTES overhead system we are able to handle integration for these two systems in a time frame as short as 10 days from the time we receive the final files to the time they are loaded on to the aircraft.

    Parallel to it, we work closely with the large integrators such as Panasonic and Thales. Whenever permitted we participate in the test rack phase with the integrator.

  • Content Loading

    The focus in customization leads to unique service deliveries. This has meant that for one of our larger customers all TEAC and eFX integration that we handle is loaded into the RMMs / PL1000s and we load and test the content on the first aircraft before it is given the final green light to load on the rest of the fleet.

  • QA

    In case of AVOD our standard service includes going to one aircraft with each new cycle and check that everything that was ordered, file by file, was delivered.