We are a CSP (Content Service Provider) that believes in simplifying the complicated and, above all, in delivering customized solutions:

  • Customization of our interaction with each customer;
  • Customization while serving each customer’s brand and service priorities;
  • Customization of content solutions for each customer no matter how big or small;
  • Customized management of each customer’s budget and financial performance;
  • Customized solutions for all else that the customer may ask for or need.

You are listened to always. We act aligned with what you and your passengers need and want. There are no off-the-shelf solutions at Touch.

Our founder and Managing Director, Joe Carreira, brings with him over 25 years of airline and IFE management experience. First at Canadian Airlines in several roles including inflight products, IFE and in international postings; then as the VP and Managing Director of AEI / DMX Inflight Division where their served over 35 airlines from around the world; and now with his own IFEC focused companies.

Just like Joe, we make it a point of favoring the hiring of key staff that has previous airline experience allowing for a more intelligent and knowledgeable exchange with our customers.

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