Content strategy

At Touch we recognize that in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) rely on Content Strategies that go well beyond just the content itself.

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There are different forces that shape an experience and support the way we design a seamless and customized entertainment package:

Our creative forces:

  • Your Passengers’ mix and preferences
  • Your Airline’s marketing, service and Commercial Strategies
  • Your Competition
  • The Future
  • A Unique Customer Care

Our tangible forces:

  • The opportunities and specifications inherent to your IFEC
  • Your Budget
  • Your Passengers' Usage data, scrutinized by our custom Touch Analitycs Platform
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Content Technical Management

It does not matter how great a job we do in the strategic content selection and negotiation if it does not get delivered on time and correctly formatted to your IFEC systems.

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The IFEC industry, within the aviation ecosystem, follows rigorous timelines, processes and specifications that demand experienced professionals and efficient workflows.

Touch has +10 years’ experience personnel along with young and fast-learning enthusiasts, that together deliver a high-quality, dynamic and on-time content management service, that includes:

  • Content technical preparation (encoding/transcoding, delivery and integration) through our Touch Labs and partners
  • Support materials (content metadata, user interface materials)
  • Handling the Logistics (daily operations)
  • Customized Reporting aligned with the output of the Touch Analytics Platform

Further, our knowledge and relationships allow us to be fluent in all the main IFEC platforms in which content is deployed, such as AVOD, Wi-Fi streaming, Tablets and Over-Head systems, regardless of the hardware provider.

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Ancillary Revenues

Today, the approach of the airlines on the IFEC environment is an investment that must deliver a positive passenger experience and also economic return.

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Competition and the growing demand of the educated passenger for a customized experience are drivers for the airlines to deliver connectivity and tailored entertainment.

At the same time, there are opportunities to generate additional streams of revenue, that can be achieved through the several touchpoints between the IFEC platforms, the embedded content and the passenger.

Touch has in-house expertise to support airlines in the implementation of a successful ancillary revenue model, that we firmly believe it must consider:

  • That in this case the client is the advertiser
  • That the advertisers’ marketing campaigns have their own cycles, not ours
  • That we compete with platforms that often deliver real time data on clicks and views and real time proof of performance
  • That on the average more than 80% of the sales come from the airline’s home base
  • That operational integrity and commitment to ancillary revenue is key to ensure that what is promised to the advertisers is delivered

For an Ancillary Revenue Model to succeed, it needs to be a partnership between the airline and the agents.

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We are always ready and pleased to help, to participate, to share what we know whenever you look to introduce new IFEC solutions, understand trends or enhance current solutions and processes.

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Through our Content, Technical and Ancillary Revenue strategies and services, our APEX participation and the variety of systems and markets operated by our airline clients:

  • We live the realities of current IFEC solutions
  • We are exposed and question the new and future solutions being tabled throughout the industry
  • And we help lead change in our world of entertainment and communications
  • We share our knowledge day in and day out with customers, more often than not without additional costs, be it because we include it in our agreements or simply because we care
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