Touch’s content strategy focuses in providing unique Inflight Entertainment content personalized to your passengers and to your airline’s brand through data and assertive analyses. The benefits translate into an enhanced onboard experience and ancillary revenue opportunities.

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Touch Analytics

In addition to its consistent value and benefit to content curation, Touch Analytics’ data usage tool also gives the airline comprehensive insight to its passengers’ preferences, which in turn, allows it to maximize the budget.

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The content tailor-made for your airline

Touch has in-house expertise to support airlines in the development, implementation and ongoing curation of a successful content model that delivers airline tailored entertainment experience onboard.

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February 11, 2019

How does TOUCH prepare content for the most luxurious aircraft in the world?

Yes, Crystal AirCruises is a TOUCH customer and we are very thrilled to look after the Crystal Skye, a Boeing 777-200LR’s IFE, considered the most luxurious aircraft in the world. The aircraft, that originally has a capacity for 300 passengers, has been retrofitted to serve a total of 88 lucky passengers with all the comfort […]

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November 22, 2018

Touch Attended the World’s Largest Technology Event – Web Summit 2018

Web Summit, the greatest technology event in the World, is held annually in Lisbon, Portugal and Touch was there to get an immersion on the new trends in the market. The outcome was very exciting as much was debated about Content, Streaming, Privacy on the internet and the growth of world’s internet users. The Summit […]

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November 6, 2018

Our approach and connection to the IFE world

At Touch, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our customers. There are countless ways, which we can use to improve the Inflight Entertainment acquired by an airline. One of the most important factors in the operations side of the timeline is our communication with the labs belonging to the major studios. Our […]

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Touch Foundation

At the top of Angola’s Huambo Plateau lies the “Missão de Quipeio” and its school, the main focus of Touch Care Foundation’s work.

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Much of the region, including the school, was destroyed during the Angolan civil war back in the 70's. The school in Quipeio serves around 300 children and teenagers from the villages spread through the mountains surrounding the area. Kids from the villages located further afield walk to school on Mondays and stay there for the week. Others, that live further away still, live permanently in the school.

Touch Care Foundation’s contributions to Quipeio have gone towards basic requirements such as building new roofs to help keep dormitories dry; building beds so kids would no longer need to sleep on the floor; equipment to help in the local agriculture to help feed the kids; and basic day to day things such as food and school supplies. Our ongoing plans for the Foundation in 2019, in Partnership with volunteer doctors and health professionals from Portugal, include the development of structures for self-sufficiency and processes to bring to the Quipeio community and surrounding areas general health and family planning education.

One of Touch Care Foundation's board members is the main community leader from the “Missão of Quipeio” itself. This ensures that we have first access to the local needs and priorities as we determine how to best use the money Touch sets aside for the Foundation (5% of all our profits goes to the project).


Touch’s Managing Director, Joe Carreira, prior to going to Canada as a war refugee, was one of the children attended by Quipeio. At the time, the school was funded primarily through the donations of church and other institutions.

As a consequence, the school would often remind its students that no matter where life took them, to give back to Africa what Africa was giving them. Touch Care Foundation was created by Touch with this mission in mind.


In addition to Quipeio, the Foundation also comes across other needs it deems to warrant its attention. In partnership with other Foundations we have contributed with funds to help build clean water wells in Togo, help pay for medication for kids with special needs in the US, fund the meals for a special needs school located in Brazil and sponsored volunteers in their personal social projects in Africa.